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The word “sojourn” conveys the idea of people depending on one another as mutual travelers. The current medical system focuses on problem-based care, leading people to feel isolated. Underlying issues are not able to be understood let alone addressed in a 7-minute primary care visit, but only can be cared for with time and attention. Patients are not problems that need to be fixed in a transaction. People need care, compassion, and help over a period of time. In primary care, the patient-physician relationship is primary, and at Sojourn, we keep that relationship the center of all we do by eliminating the barriers in the way of the patient-doctor relationship.

Call, Text, Email, or Video Chat with your Doctor

Same-Day or Next Day Appointment, Limited to no Wait Times

No Copays or surprise bills, Transparent Pricing, Flat Monthly Fee

More time with your Doctor to discuss your health

Accessible and Affordable Healthcare tailored to You

How it

When you join Sojourn Direct Primary Care in Charlotte you'll receive unlimited access to all the benefits of membership for one consistent, affordable monthly fee. As a member, you can expect attentive, timely responses to your questions, relaxed office visits with a no-rush guarantee, and virtual care in-between appointments. 

Simplifying Health Care


Most Primary Care Clinics

No additional cost for visits

Office or Virtual visits via Phone, Text, Email, or Video

Same Day or Next Day Visits

Minimal to No Wait Times

Most Procedures and Urgent Care Included

Discounted Labs and Radiology up to 90%

Restoring trust & open communication with your Doctor

Relaxed & Extended Office Visits

Your Doctor has More Time for You & Your Needs

Comprehensive Care

Join our healthcare community and experience primary care as it should be. Build a trusting relationship with your doctor and know that your every concern will be listened to. When you come to our office, you can expect minimal wait times, extended office visits lasting thirty minutes to an hour, and personalized interactions without the interruption of computer screens. 

Our transparent pricing system takes the stress out of your decision to visit the doctor. For a dependable monthly fee, you can count on wellness and preventative physicals, same-day or next-day sick visits, minor in-office procedures, and direct access to your physician virtually via text, phone, and email when you have a question in-between appointments. Your membership covers the cost of all of your office visits, plus gets you access to labs and medications at a reduced cost. Never again worry about extra co-pays, deductibles, or co-insurance charges.

You should never have to turn down healthcare due to cost, but we understand that the current system is confusing, financially burdensome, and impersonal. Join Sojourn Direct Primary Care today to receive all the benefits of membership and wave goodbye to surprise bills, crowded waiting rooms, and rushed office visits. We look forward to welcoming you into our healthcare community.

Net Promoter Score

It represents our members' satisfaction and their experience. 

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