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Primary Care

Welcome to Sojourn Direct Primary Care, where your experience matters. Our thoughtful, tailored approach ensures your questions are answered and your healthcare needs are addressed with same-day or next-day appointments and convenient access to your primary care physician via phone, text, and email. At Sojourn, we know that you're the expert when it comes to your healthcare. With a focus on the patient-doctor relationship, we're able to provide the customized healthcare you've been looking for. Our direct care model allows for minimal wait times, longer appointments, and in-depth conversations with your doctor, with an emphasis on clear, compassionate communication.

Meet Dr.

A board-certified internal medicine physician, Patrick Fillnow is passionate about all aspects of patient care. Frustrated by the limitations of traditional healthcare organizations, the focus of big business, billing, and the 7-minute primary care office visit, Patrick made the decision to move to a direct primary care model in order to provide quality, accessible healthcare tailored to the individual, keeping the doctor-patient relationship at the heart of what we do. 

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It's our mission to eliminate the stress and complexity involved in navigating the healthcare system. Our direct care model is designed around price transparency and ensures you'll never receive a surprise bill again. Your Sojourn membership grants you access to same-day or next-day appointments, seamless scheduling, and primary care services for one dependable monthly payment -- no co-pays, deductibles, or unexpected bills. Direct primary care is ideal for those who are uninsured or unsatisfied with the rising costs and impersonal nature of the healthcare system. At Sojourn, you'll have access to quality care without the financial burden.

The Sojourn

It is our honor to work closely with patients and be allowed into their lives. When we get to know your story, we're better able to provide you with tailored, personalized care. With empathy, time, and attention, your doctor will listen to your concerns and determine the best course of treatment for you. We're always available to you in-between appointments, offering thoughtful, timely answers to your questions and concerns via phone, text, and email. 

Call, Text, Email, or Video Chat with your Doctor

Same-Day or Next Day Appointment, Limited to no Wait Times

No Copays or surprise bills, Transparent Pricing, Flat Monthly Fee

More time with your Doctor to discuss your health

Accessible and Affordable Healthcare tailored to You

Join Our

Let us be a part of your health journey!


Say goodbye to endless wait times, rushed appointments, and impersonal patient-doctor interactions. Join Sojourn today for affordable, accessible healthcare that's timely, person-centered, and compassionate above all else. It's our privilege to welcome you into our healthcare community.

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