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Our rates are simple. No additional cost for visits. No copays.


Ages 14-22 years old


Ages 23+ years old

Pay for 3 months up front and get your 4th month free.  This offer will only be available for the month of March 2023.  

$10 OFF monthly for spouse/ partner/ children

The buck finally stopped here. Dr Fillnow would probably be a great choice of primary care provider, even if you encountered him still just fighting the good fight in the Novant or Atrium systems with everyone else—i.e., even if you only had 7-10 minutes to meet with him like you do with most PCPs in the traditional systems. He listens to everything with genuine concern and doesn't preface or posture about what he thinks. He makes you feel like an equal partner in the shared effort to advocate for your health and wellbeing. But because Sojourn is direct primary care, you get much more than you could possibly get from the traditional systems—more time to just relax, start from the beginning, dot all of your I's and cross your T's. If you forget about something, it's no problem to just email the doctor directly, because he's just a person with an email address and a phone number. There's no wall in the way, real or metaphorical—just a conversation between people, who are equal in dignity and respect, the way primary care should be, and really needs to be. I hope this style of primary care is commonplace in the near future, that everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy, and if you're considering signing up, I definitely recommend it.


Still Considering

When you are making a decision about whether Direct Primary Care is right for you and your family, consider the expense for many of your common household expenses. How much more valuable is excellent medical care, including the ability to catch issues early and have fast access to preventative care as needed?  Comparable monthly expenses for U.S. households include:

  • Traditional Healthcare (per person): $480/mo ($16/day) + copays

  • Auto insurance: $140 (@$4.60/day)

  • Home insurance: $250 (@$8.30/day)

  • Dining out (single person): $220 (@$7.30/day)

  • Coffee: $164 (@$5.50/day)

  • Alcohol: $90 (@$3.00/day)

  • Soda: $75 (@$2.50/day)

Sojourn DPC services are less than $4 a day!

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