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  • What is direct primary care?
    DPC is a new and improved model of healthcare that prioritizes the patient experience. Our membership structure ensures you have access to same-day or next-day appointments, minimal wait times, and longer, more relaxed office visits where your concerns are addressed and a personalized treatment plan is developed in collaboration with your doctor. For a fixed monthly membership fee, you can access quality, affordable primary care without the hassle and stress of co-pays, deductibles, and insurer interference.
  • What is Sojourn Direct Primary Care?
    Sojourn Direct Primary Care in Charlotte offers affordable, accessible healthcare with an emphasis on the patient-doctor relationship. During appointments, you can expect that your doctor will be an attentive, empathic listener who is passionate about your health and wellness.
  • Does Sojourn Direct Primary Care accept insurance?
    We don't, and here's why: when we forego insurance payments, we're free to make the healthcare decisions that are right for you without needing permission from your insurance provider. We believe the decisions about your health and wellness should be left up to you and your doctor, and with the direct care model, that's finally possible. Instead of surprise bills and costly co-pays, we offer transparent pricing and clear communication with no need for an insurance middleman.
  • Will I still need insurance?
    Yes. While we offer a wide range of preventative and primary care services, you still need insurance for services outside our scope, such as surgeries, hospital stays, and emergencies. In conjunction with your membership, we suggest a low-cost, high deductible insurance plan to cover emergencies and keep your monthly payments low. Since you won't need to hit a deductible to access any of our services, you're likely to save a significant amount of money a year on healthcare.
  • What happens if I go to the hospital?
    While we work hard to maintain wellness through high-quality preventative care and tailored treatment plans, emergencies do happen. In the event of one, we are here to collaborate with your hospital care team and advocate for the treatment you need, drawing from the knowledge that our patient-doctor relationship affords us.
  • Is direct primary care for me?
    DPC is beneficial to a number of different types of patients. For those who are uninsured or struggle with high deductibles and fears about cost, DPC offers accessible, affordable primary care with transparent pricing. If you have affordable insurance, you may still feel frustrated by the limitations of traditional healthcare settings. If you've felt rushed, misunderstood, or anonymous at the doctor's office, you'll understand the benefit of a high-quality patient-doctor relationship. If you're a small business owner and want to offer a health benefit to your employees, DPC is an affordable option that still ensures your team is well taken care of.
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