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By downloading Atlas.Md Patient App, you can see your upcoming appointments, manage your billing, self-schedule appointments, and contact our office.

  • Self-scheduling

You can easily check doctor’s availability and make an appointment at a time that fits you and allows you to plan your schedule more efficiently around your visit.

  • Review upcoming appointments

Never have another missed consultation. You can see when your next appointment is.

  • Multiple payment methods

You can now enjoy a multitude of payment methods directly inside the app.

  • Manage your billing & payments

You can now view your bill, select a payment method and settle accounts with one click - it's that simple.

  • Need to get in touch with us?

When you log in to your Patient Hub account, you'll see our clinic's contact information.

If you haven’t registered to access the hub yet, or have access but need your password reset, use the links below. 

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app 1_edited.jpg
Patient hub

Integrating the data from in-home medical devices, wearables, and consumer health applications to our electronic medical record is now possible!  This means that you can share your blood pressure readings, blood glucose readings, activity, sleep data, and much more.  


Tech integration of your devices to your chart is free & optional.


You can integrate your health data outside of the patient app or through the iOS version of the patient app. 


For every individual or family that joins the office, we'll give you 80 dollar credit.  Have the person you referred to give us your name when they enroll and we will add the credit to your Sojourn account. 


That is our way to thank you for helping Sojourn grow! 

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